Sampling Ethics

A lot of artists sample each others works. Some do it with the permission of the original artist and some don’t. I feel that there are certain circumstances surrounding whether or not this is right or wrong to do. Personally, I think it is morally unethical for an artist to use an excerpt or element from someone else’s song without their permission. But I can understand why other people might think it is totally acceptable. I think if its used exactly the way the original artist used it, it shows a lack of originality and creativity on the sampling artist’s side. However, if it is used to enhance the song or used in a completely different way than in the original, I think that is okay to do. I feel like most artists who use parts of other people’s songs are doing it because they want their music to sound the same as what they originally heard and I think thats just lazy. If an artist doesn’t care enough to write original parts or sample the elements from a different song in a more creative way, then they probably don’t completely care about the product they put out.


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