Real vs. Hyper Real vs. Surreal


For the real category, I picked My Strongest Suit from the musical Aida. After I saw the production of this show at Montclair State in October, I was hooked on the music. Every time I listen to the music, I can picture the stage and what is happening in the show during each song. The thing that makes this song sound realistic is that it doesn’t have the instrumental accompaniment playing the melody. While the music is really great, the vocals are what really captures your attention and are the main component of this song. Its easy for any song from any musical to sound real because they are always meant to be performed live.


For the hyper realistic piece, I chose Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 in D Minor recorded live by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This recording is hyper realistic because not everything is perfectly in sync which is whats great about live performances. Instead of having everything be so perfect and exact, theres more realism in the music when there are actual humans playing. An example of everything not being totally together is in the beginning with the cello’s opening theme. The section is together but there are just split seconds where you hear one person move a little differently than the entire other section. It doesn’t sound bad, it is just a minor flaw that wouldn’t be made if a computer was playing this music.


Lastly, for the surreal section, I chose Centipede by Knife Party. At first, you think that there is a slight possibility that real instruments could be being used. There are some drums and percussion sounds that sound pretty real and also something that sounds almost like a guitar. But then the song continues. The opening section of this song is a man narrating a centipede like it was on a National Geographic show. As the song builds up to the drop, its clear that everything is being played on synthesizers. These sound effects would not be able to be played on actual instruments. If someone even attempted to replicate them on real instruments, it would sound absolutely ridiculous.



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