Production Analysis

Landslide by The Dixie Chicks

  • Producers: Dixie Chicks, Lloyd Maines
  • Engineer: Gary Paczosa
  • Assistant engineers: Thomas Johnson, Adam Odor, Fred Remmert

List of sounds/voices in order of appearance:

-Banjo and some type of cymbal enter at the same time although the banjo is more prominent

-A guitar or bass is added during the instrumental introduction

-One voice enters to start the first verse

-Leading into the first chorus, the other two voices come in and harmonize

These were the only different voices that I was able to pin point. There weren’t any obvious places where drums were being played. This song is very hollow and simplistic in its instrumentation which is maybe why I like it so much. In comparison to the original version by Fleetwood Mac, there is probably the same amount of instrumentation but definitely major differences between them. This version is a country music take on the classic rock song and is going to have different instrumentation. There is so much less to distract you from the actual voices and the song itself in both versions.


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