Midi Song Process

For the Midi song project, I used an arrangement of Human by Christina Perri. I intended it to be written for a small string ensemble consisting of 2 violins, a viola and 2 cellos. I used Noteflight as my notation program. But when I transferred the file from Noteflight to a Midi and put it in garage band, all of the parts came up as piano. Instead of immediately trying to change it back to a string ensemble, I listened to it with the piano arrangement. It turns out that I liked the piano version a lot better than the string version. There are some crunchy voices in my arrangement and they sounded better on piano than they did on strings. One thing I think I could improve on is getting the lower voices to be more present in the song. I tried playing around with the sound mixing but it obviously wasn’t enough. If I had unlimited time and ability, I would orchestrate this song for a larger ensemble with strings and winds or piano and winds.



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