Favorite and Least Favorite Song

Favorite Song: It seems that whenever someone is asked about their favorite song, they have such a hard time answering such a simple question. This question is so simple yet so difficult because there are so many elements that go into answering it. Things like genre, style, mood and even time of the year can effect someone’s answer to this question. My favorite song is The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky, particularly The Adoration of the Earth. As a bassoonist, it seems a little cliche that I chose this as my favorite song but it is just really great piece all around. The bassoon solo at the beginnning might be the most iconic orchestral excerpt for bassoon and it is equally as entertaining to play as it is to listen. The piece just feels very organic and natural. I find it interesting that this piece was so controvercial when it was first debuted and now its become standard piece of orchestral repertoire.

Least Favorite Song: This question on the other hand, people seem to have an easier time with answering. I think it’s easier to identify and explain what you don’t like about something than to explain what you do like. I’m going to sound like a scrooge or a grinch saying this but my least favorite song has to be Santa Baby, specifically the version by Michael Buble. The song by itself is irritating because it is the epitome of gold-digging. If a female is singing it, the song is at least bearable but when you have Michael Buble sing it, the terms of endearment that conclude each phrase seem insincere. To avoid the song having any romantic feeling between the singer and Santa, Michael Buble continuously ends each phrase with “…Santa buddy” or “…Santa pally” and by the fourth or fifth time he sings that, it gets old. The song is just extremely repetitive and just not as enjoyable as the other versions.


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